The Elements






Why place importance on the 5 Elements?  Check back for next blog to find out………

The Poses

Supported Childs Pose

Props: bolster, one blocks, 2-3 blankets, neck roll for forehead
Benefits: Gently stretches the lower back, relieves shoulder tension and quiets the mind.  Give a sense of security. Feeling support and release. Gently lengthens the legs.
Extras:sandbag for sacrum

Place bolster on the mat lengthwise and lay a blanket over it. Make a smaller roll for the ankles and place at the other end of the mat. Also place a block at top end with a neck roll or eye pillow on top. Begin on all fours and lower  your upper body onto the bolster. Settle the tops of the ankles on the smaller roll and adjust the body so that the tops of the thighs rest on the edge of the bolster.  Lay the forehead on the cushioned block and place the arms to the side, shoulders dropping from the ears.  Soften your jaw and let the body sink into the supports and the floor. 

Legs up Variation

Props: 3 blankets, 2 blocks, neck roll, eye pillow
Benefits: drains the legs, reducing fluids in the legs, gentle
stretch to the legs, releases pelvis and low back, rejuventating

Make two stacks of blankets on your mat and place the two blocks at the edge of these stacks. Lay a folded over blanket over the blocks. Additional blanket may be needed for your low back. Lie down on the mat or floor and place lower legs on the stack of blankets and ankles and feet on the block supports. Keep legs in tadasana alignment for better blood flow. Add your neck roll and eye pillow, arms relaxed by your side.

Starfish Savansana

Props: 2 or more blankets, neck rolls, eye pillow
Benefits: soothing to the nervous system, grounding, gentle chest opener,  releases the pelvis

Lay a blanket on  your mat for extra comfort and warmth, blankets for the arms as well.  As you lay down, place your feet towards the corners of your mat and arms about 10-12 inches from your body, palms up. Add your eye pillow, and blanket on top.  We adjusted the legs with our Double Dutch for op