March 12, 2019



Signs of spring from my front yard…

Stress comes in many forms. And unbeknownst to me and many, it can surface in many forms.  I counted myself recently, as one of the lesser stressed people with all of my practices to calm my body, my mind and my energy.  But my stress or dis-ease could have been building up for many many years before my current practices. I had a pretty raucous start in my twenties with trying to achieve greatness both career-wise and in a long term relationship called marriage.  I was going to be perfect doing these things, no room for error.  That came crashing down, at least the career part, with a cross country move, and then the subsequent, redefining of who I was.  A marriage which was not built on solid foundation added to the mix.

So how does knowing where my stress and beginnings of dis-ease began, help me in my current situation?  I am not sure yet.  Can I go back and address maybe some of the built up trauma that those times created in me?  Will it help current me?  Stay tuned as I explore this aspect of my healing journey.


Bridge Pose

Props: 3 blankets, neck roll, eye pillow, bolster, block

Extras: blanket for warmth
Benefits: Expands the chest muscles, opens the lungs, balances the glands, quiets the nerves and releases tension in the nervous system, increases oxygen intake to the brain, can stimulate the immune system (thyroid)
Lie on your back with knees bent and feet flat on the floor. Lift butt and slide the stack of 2 or 4 blankets under the base of your spine. Find a comfortable position, then let the upper back release on the floor. Arms are relaxed at sides or resting on belly. Feel chest and belly rise with each breath. Roll gently to one side when done and inhale up to seated.

Extended Bridge Pose







3 Positions to Open Spine

Roll  or fold a blanket so that when placed in each position, it provides a lift and opening to the spaces. Adjust for your comfort.

#1 Bra Line

#2 Lumbar

#3 Sacrum

Stay for 3 minutes each position with legs in any comfortable position for you. Take long inhalations and exhalations.

Psoas Stretch

Roll a blanket and place as close to your pelvis under your legs. This will create a lift in the pelvis to stretch the poses and the front of the hip flexors. Hands may be relaxed by your side. Add blankets over you as you want.



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