Belly Down Twist

17 01, 2019

January 15 Restore


The Kripalu Effect Cover your ears if you are sensitive to TMI, but there exists something called the "Kripalu Effect".  The first signs are eating way too much at their delicious and nutritious meals in their dining hall.  Then you begin to feel the bloated "I've eaten too many beans and veggies" feeling, which could [...]

January 15 Restore2019-01-17T13:18:34-05:00
26 10, 2017

October 24


TransitionsI sit here gazing out at my vegetable garden, contemplating my next few steps in transitioning it and then me, to the next season.  Much of the back breaking work out there would have been completed by now, but with the unseasonably warm weather, I held off. I was still getting tomatoes, peppers, kale and [...]

October 242017-12-30T13:03:42-05:00
11 06, 2015

June 9 Restore Series


The art of swaddlingWhen was the last time that your mom or dad tucked you into bed?  Maybe you are the one doing the tucking these days.  With the busyness of life (work, errands, phone calls, commutes), we then feel uncontained, our energy spilling out and subsequently not having enough energy to keep up.  Our [...]

June 9 Restore Series2015-06-11T11:15:00-04:00
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