Childs Pose – Straddle Variation

28 05, 2018

5-4-18 Inward Spirals


I don't think in my own case, there is a straight trajectory to becoming still. For me, it is a series of fits and starts and just as I think I got it, I don't have it. But each and every time that I touch the stillness (which I believe is my true essence, akin [...]

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13 10, 2016

October 11 Restore


When life gives you lemons, make lemonade (various Carnegie, Hubbard, etc.)That is how I feel about my Daily Lessons in life.  And boy do I get them.  Not a day goes by that I don't learn something about myself.  It could be the smallest inkling of understanding that I will store away in my memory bank [...]

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12 05, 2016

May 10 Restore


Mountain Pose - Tadasana Alignment in RestorativesYou may have heard Carmen and I cue, from time to time, to bring your body into a Tadasana alignment for restoratives.  What does this mean and how is this beneficial?  Here is the low down on this alignment cue.The benefits of Tadasana alignment are calming and clearing for [...]

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28 01, 2016

January 26 Restore Blog


You can bury your head, or get out thereOur recent Snowmaggedon has got me thinking about people's tempers and patience.  What I saw and what I heard were two different things.  Scenario: Pre-storm. Lots of grumblings about what Mother Nature was going to dump on us or how it was inconvenient to plans and fear [...]

January 26 Restore Blog2016-01-28T17:00:00-05:00
29 10, 2015

October 27 Restore Series


I have been thinking of my next step on my journey to becoming a yoga therapist and how very right this feels.  It took me a very long time to make this leap towards becoming a yoga therapist.  I always knew that I had therapeutic leanings in my yoga teachings and really didn't know what [...]

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24 09, 2015

September 22 Restore Series


Cool Pic of Fallingwater in minature from Morris ArboretumPatience is not always my best virtue.  I have struggled with holding space for my life to unfold and sometimes wishing it would come faster aligning with my own agenda. I saw this in my previous life working in corporate where I felt that my life and [...]

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11 06, 2015

June 9 Restore Series


The art of swaddlingWhen was the last time that your mom or dad tucked you into bed?  Maybe you are the one doing the tucking these days.  With the busyness of life (work, errands, phone calls, commutes), we then feel uncontained, our energy spilling out and subsequently not having enough energy to keep up.  Our [...]

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17 04, 2015

April 13 Restore Series


My head feels like a ping pong game.  This is my vata being off balance.  My dosha is normally very spacious giving me room to be present and take inspiration from all around me. Not so much right now. My mind still creates but instead of inspiration, it causes me perspiration.  Did I say my [...]

April 13 Restore Series2015-04-17T08:17:00-04:00
25 09, 2014

Sept. 23 Restore Series


As I opened my eyes this morning, I noticed that my right side of my cheek was feeling a little wet.  Yes it rained in my room.  I really must have been zonked out throughout the night not to notice that the  rain was coming in my window.   But this rain is a welcome [...]

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14 02, 2014

Feb. 11 Restore Series


Paths to Self LoveWell there aren't too many paths, walkways, streets, open right now as we are in the midst of  La Paix - The Storm of the Century.  Some paths are well marked while others not so much.  And other paths to our inner self have become obscured, covered.  Take an approach to self love [...]

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