23 01, 2019

January 22, 2019 Restore


The Unspoken Thank You I recently had a conversation with my youngest daughter about the importance of gratitude.  I was wondering where I had failed as a parent because in the past few years, I've noticed that my girls do not say "Thank you" or send Thank you notes.  It has always been an important [...]

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22 10, 2014

October 21 Restore Series


Have you ever watched the Ted series of talks.  I've checked out some of the more "gone viral" ones like the woman who had the stroke and was experiencing it with her right side of the brain or Jillian Pransky's Tedx Talk on Metta Meditation (You Tube) but today I came across this talk on [...]

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29 03, 2013

March 26, Restore Series


Good Day World - Watch how I start my day!  With an Attitude of Gratitude.  I swear I think that is what keeps me sane, even keeled and humbled in a good way.  I find as I continue to practice yoga in all its forms, that my day has more space in it.  It is [...]

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9 11, 2012

November 6 Restore Series


Ahhh... a month of Gratitude to practice, behold and share.  Gratitude certainly doesn't end after the turkey is eaten, the pumpkin pie is gobbled up and 3/4 of your guests are comatose on the couch.  Begin your practice today with a few of my favorite meditations on gratitude and keep your journal handy as you [...]

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3 11, 2011

Nov. 1, 2011 Restore Series


 I saw this sign at a local church which read When you give, never remember. When you receive, never forget.Welcome to our new students coming into the series and Welcome Back to those returning for more bliss.  Besides, the breath and poses from our class, I am including my short take on Restorative Yoga in a [...]

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