Heart Opening Pose (Minimal Prop)

21 09, 2018

September 18 Restore


Last week, I shared with each of you an abundance of yoga philosophy in the shape of the Yamas and Niyamas.  I realized that implementing and practicing these virtues can be overwhelming.  Maybe it is best to target one that you want to work on in your life for awhile.  Practicing with one concept at [...]

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30 11, 2017

November 28


The Space Beside MeI reach out to the space besides meseeking a hold, the residual heatthat memorializes a once connectionthat is no longer an anchor.The space beside me once occupied in totalnow resonates with the filaments of my mind.Dense flashes piercing my heart,until they pile up in a wash of vinegar.The space beside me once [...]

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9 11, 2017

November 7


(photo: Gina Marie)Yoga Sutra II.44 " Sacred study of the Divine through scripture, nature, and introspection (Swadhaya) guides us to the Supreme Self."There never seems to be a lack of opportunity to be introspective, that is for sure.  I am not assuming that you have all the time in the world to sit around and go [...]

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26 02, 2016

February 23 Restore


Restorative Resources OnlineOn a weekly basis I receive these informative emails on various yoga topics.  Here is one worth sharing on Restorative Yoga.  I've added the link below if you want to receivefuture newsletters (select About Health newsletter).  You may also be able topull up this newsletter at the link below to read more.  http:talk.about.comRestorative Yoga [...]

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14 02, 2014

Feb. 11 Restore Series


Paths to Self LoveWell there aren't too many paths, walkways, streets, open right now as we are in the midst of  La Paix - The Storm of the Century.  Some paths are well marked while others not so much.  And other paths to our inner self have become obscured, covered.  Take an approach to self love [...]

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