Reclined Bound Angle

15 11, 2018

November 13 Restore


The first winter storm has arrived and thankfully, I can hunker down at home during the worst of it.  I've adopted my winter wardrobe consisting of slippers, PJ bottoms, no bra (of course), layers of long sleeve shirts and sweaters, and a scarf. I keep up this glamorous appearance until all vestiges of winter are [...]

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16 03, 2018

Inspiration from all corners of the universe 3-13-18


The universe is inspiring and conspiring.  A nexus is happening within me - of things coming together.  At the end of 2017, it seemed that my life was unraveling, changing at a violent speed.  I trudged on, the fighter that I am. But I knew that being strong was good in the short term but [...]

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19 01, 2018

The Gunas are Coming 1-19-18


Do you remember that movie The Goonies, an adventure comedy flick.  Well in yoga, we have our own version of the gunas.  These are the states of being in our mind and tie us to our ego.  We can be more affected by one type of guna at one time and another at a different [...]

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30 11, 2017

November 28


The Space Beside MeI reach out to the space besides meseeking a hold, the residual heatthat memorializes a once connectionthat is no longer an anchor.The space beside me once occupied in totalnow resonates with the filaments of my mind.Dense flashes piercing my heart,until they pile up in a wash of vinegar.The space beside me once [...]

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21 09, 2017

September 19


Letting It Go(some advice from our Disney friends)Source: Good Housekeeping, September 2017BreathBreath of JoyFrom standing mountain, inhale and bring arms out in front, continue to inhale as you swing arms horizontally by your side, then continue with inhalation as you again swing arms out front, finally exhale as you forward fold and arms come down [...]

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14 09, 2017

September 12


There are so many inspiring people out there and so many inspiring stories.  I was driving to my first yoga class this morning and thinking about all the other people driving to wherever they had to be.  Which got me to thinking that many of them are also going to their place of work.  And [...]

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15 06, 2017

June 13 Restore


BIJAThe seed mantra These are powerful one-syllable mantras for calling forth what you want.  They are energy in their own right, in just repeating them.  They also may be easier to call up when you need a certain mantra in your life.Bijas can be chanted over and over again for 5-10 minutes. Try for 10 days [...]

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27 04, 2017

April 25 Restore


Sweetness in LifeI am just not that into birthdays - others yes, my own, no.  It is not that I am in denial but I feel like everyday is another opportunity to be here celebrating my time on this green planet.  So while this is my Big "50", I chillaxed about it.  I did however, [...]

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7 04, 2017

April 4 Restore


5 Uplifting Affirmations to Inspire Your Yoga PracticeYOU MIGHT LIKE THIS TOO10 Mantras To Inspire HappinessI’ve got great news, yogi friends! You know how you feel amazing after practicing yoga? Well, you can actually direct all that awesome energy you cultivate on the mat towards a specific area of your life you want to improve. [...]

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