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14 09, 2017

September 12


There are so many inspiring people out there and so many inspiring stories.  I was driving to my first yoga class this morning and thinking about all the other people driving to wherever they had to be.  Which got me to thinking that many of them are also going to their place of work.  And [...]

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17 11, 2016

November 15 Restore


Setting the ToneYoga Sutra 1.1With Humility (an open heart and mind), we embrace the sacred study of Yoga. (Nischala Joy Devi in The Secret Power of Yoga)The First Yoga Sutra: What It Means and How You Can Practice ItYOGA JOURNAL YOGA 101 PHILOSOPHYBY CAROLYN GREGOIRE  |  AUG 25, 2016Yoga Journal co-founder Judith Hanson Lasater, PhD, and her daughter, [...]

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11 02, 2016

February 9 Restore Blog


CHITTA  - MONKEY MIND  - ANNOYING THOUGHTS  - LACK OF FOCUSYoga Sutra 1.2 Yoga is the control (nirodhah, regulation, channeling, mastery, integration, coordination, stilling, quieting, setting aside) of the modifications (gross and subtle thought patterns) of the mind field.yogash chitta vritti nirodhah(read more on in class and in this blog, I have been sharing some [...]

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28 11, 2015

November 24 Restore Series


Here I am on the eve of my departure to Austin, the first leg of my journey to becoming a Yoga Therapist.  I am nervous, excited, sad to leave my family, a myriad of emotions.  But for now, I must sleep.  Here is your short blog of our poses from this week. Enjoy and have [...]

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5 02, 2015

February 3 Restore


5 Minutes of PeaceOur household has grown to two cats.  Oreo and Maxine have not been the best of friends since Oreo's arrival 3 weeks ago but we feel that even these 5 minutes of peaceful coexistence is enough.  Enough to actually feel that it will work out okay for all parties. Something else that [...]

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22 10, 2014

October 21 Restore Series


Have you ever watched the Ted series of talks.  I've checked out some of the more "gone viral" ones like the woman who had the stroke and was experiencing it with her right side of the brain or Jillian Pransky's Tedx Talk on Metta Meditation (You Tube) but today I came across this talk on [...]

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14 10, 2012

October 9 Restore Series


Brrr.... a bright and chilly start to this morning as I forgot to turn on the heat last night.  Nothing like cold noses, toes and seeing your breath in the morning.  Thank you for your patience while the latest blog was updated.  I love technical difficulties.  It really makes me appreciate my life when things [...]

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26 04, 2012

April 24, 2012 Restore Series


Parasympathetic Nervous System (PSNS) - try saying that 10 times fast.  Make you stressed out??  Sorry.   Indulge me a little as I delve into what it is, why it is important and ways to tap into and improve it.There are two sides to every coin.  So as to not exclude both sides of the nervous system, [...]

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19 04, 2012

April 17, 2012 Restore Series


Transformational, inner cosmicmorphisis (I think I just made that one up!).  Two words to describe what we have observed in you, our students, as you practice Restorative Yoga.  Whether it is in the way you transition into a pose now, or how your breath is more regulated and deep, or there is less fidgeting; a [...]

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29 03, 2012

March 27, 2012 Restore Series


Good Morning, Good Morning, Good Morning - Watch how I start my day!  Our household is now back in some semblance of order and we move on.  Our mailbox has been inundated with summer camp information for the kids.  Which leads me to wonder what we will do this summer for our vacation.  Which leads [...]

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