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14 09, 2018

September 11 Restore – Remembrance


September 11, 2001 "We will not forget" but will we forgive?  I didn't lose anyone close to me in that horrible day and weeks, months afterward, so maybe it is easier for me to pose that question of forgiveness. The visit to Ground Zero was one of the most intense moments that I've had, as [...]

September 11 Restore – Remembrance2023-04-17T13:07:25-04:00
28 05, 2018

5-4-18 Inward Spirals


I don't think in my own case, there is a straight trajectory to becoming still. For me, it is a series of fits and starts and just as I think I got it, I don't have it. But each and every time that I touch the stillness (which I believe is my true essence, akin [...]

5-4-18 Inward Spirals2018-05-28T11:18:16-04:00
12 11, 2015

November 10 Restore Series


The sound of healing, the sound of the universe entering the inner world of my ears.  This is what surrounds me as I set out to work on my blog.  I am gaga over this new app discovery of  I am not 100% sure of how to work the tones, drones, sounds, overlapping, etc. quite [...]

November 10 Restore Series2015-11-12T15:11:00-05:00
29 05, 2015

May 26 Restore Series


Deepen your ExperienceWe hope that you enjoyed the poses and beautiful visualizations that Carmen led you through this week.  Visualizations are a wonderful way to go deeper within as your breath regulates, the muscles relax, you begin to focus better and the nervous system calms down.  If you would like to try out more of [...]

May 26 Restore Series2015-05-29T06:46:00-04:00
29 05, 2014

May 27 Restore Series


Lucky StatuesThis may be TMI or Too Much Information, but I have been a hot sweaty mess this late Spring.  News Flash, I am having Hot Flashes.  And besides the sub-zero temperatures that I crave, I need some more support for these waves of heat.  Announcing the Cooling Breaths of Sitali (or Sheetali) and Seetkari. [...]

May 27 Restore Series2014-05-29T08:36:00-04:00
16 11, 2012

November 13 Restore Series


"Wait, wait, wait for this, wait for that...",  I tell  my children.  If only I could take my own advice and more.  I think back to a Dr. Seuss book and the The Waiting Place... (a useless place), which points out the ridiculousness in our waiting.for people just waiting.Waiting for a train to goor a bus to [...]

November 13 Restore Series2012-11-16T09:30:00-05:00
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