Therapeutic Spinal Strip

7 03, 2019

March 5, 2019


I am sharing some personal news that I have recently been given, which based on my current perspective, is not all that bad. I think yoga and some of my spiritual practices have greatly influenced my outlook. I was recently diagnosed with colon cancer and some lymph nodes may also be affected. I went for [...]

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23 05, 2017

May 16 and 23 Restore


To Be AwakeThe following excerpts were taken from The Book of Awakening by Mark Nepo.  Enjoy!May 23 InspirationThere is always purpose in beingbut not always being in purposeHow easily we get caught up in defining who we are in relation to those around us. We first find ourselves alone in joy of what we're doing. [...]

May 16 and 23 Restore2017-12-30T13:03:42-05:00
19 01, 2017

January 17 Restore


What a delicious practice it was this past Tuesday.  Carmen invited me to join you in the first restorative pose and I felt so grounded from there on.  I thought about energy as I relaxed in the Therapeutic Spinal pose and how we can manage our energy using such practices like restorative and breathing.  What [...]

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21 01, 2016

January 19 Restore Series


Happy DanceLast week, I shared with you the beginning of my journey to becoming a Yoga Therapist.  I never really did explain what Yoga Therapy is.  I want to share with you an article that came out this week explaining the difference between a yoga class and yoga therapy under the auspices of a Gentle [...]

January 19 Restore Series2016-01-21T12:48:00-05:00
3 09, 2015

September 1st Restore Series


Serenity amongst the ruinsBienvenidos to your place for healing, relaxation, and time for you.  It is so good to be back in the restorative frame of mind again.  TransitionsSo many transitions are taking place right now.  An end to summer with shorter days, a beginning to a new school year for some, new jobs, new [...]

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7 03, 2014

March 4 Restore Series


A Sacral Humbling Tale   - About 4 weeks ago, I injured and overextended my sacral-illiac joint (SI Joint).  This is the area where the sacrum (5 fused vertebrae sit above the tailbone and below the lumbar spine) and the illium (the back crests of the pelvis) join. It has been painful to sit, stand, [...]

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22 11, 2013

November 19 Restore Series


So yesterday, I had the wonderful opportunity to take a yoga class at the Perelman Center at Penn.  This class was taught by a very knowledgeable and loving instructor, Tali.  She mindfully guided her students in the simplest of poses with attention to using all of their muscles, breath, core and alignment.  And I was [...]

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19 06, 2013

June 18 Restore Series


One summer 4 years ago, I was traveling back from Montreal via Vermont and about 4 hours away from home.  It was then I heard a story on NPR about the benefits of napping.  Very dangerous subject for someone on a long drive but interesting nonetheless which kept me alert.  I love napping but seem [...]

June 18 Restore Series2013-06-19T20:45:00-04:00
7 05, 2013

Somatic Flow & Restore (AKA Minimal Props All Warmed Up)


This will be a first in a series of posts highlighting some of the poses from our twice-monthly Somatic Flow & Restore class at Moyo.  This is your chance to try out poses using a minimal number of props.  Always feel free to supplement the props with whatever makes you comfortable. This is an absolutely [...]

Somatic Flow & Restore (AKA Minimal Props All Warmed Up)2013-05-07T19:56:00-04:00
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