Diane Kistler
Yoga Therapy

“We experience the fullest sense of well-being when we are unaware of our parts and conscious only of the whole itself”

~ Goethe

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Monday 9:00 – 6:00
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Welcome to Diane Kistler Yoga Therapy

A Biopsychosocialspiritual Modality

Using the tools of yoga to bring you to better health, ease of moving in the world and joy.  This approach is based on seeing the individual as a multi-layered being.


Meet Diane

My strong foundation for serving others was set from very early on in my life.  I have two incredible parents, who volunteered in their community and are my examples to live by. I became a yoga teacher because I saw Yoga as a way to deepen my own practice and a way to share tools with others which may make a positive impact on their lives.  In 2005, I completed my 200 hour yoga teacher training at Moyo Yoga in Skippack, PA.


Diane is amazing! Super informative, fun, easy to connect to really overall amazing. I very much enjoyedour work together. She has made a great positive impact on my life.


Diane is so knowledgeable and has so much to offer to the community. I was very impressed by the plan she created for me. It has given me more energy, better sleep, and has made me more clear minded.


I have been working with Diane in both private sessions and yoga classes for more than ten years. Her professionalism and gentle nature are what enable her to maintain long term clients.

I started working with Diane in April 2022 after nursing a couple of back issues, primarily an inflamed sacroiliac joint.  I’d already been in PT but the results were very slow and unsatisfying.  Working with Diane and Yoga Therapy proved to be a blessed event in the realm of healing the physical body.   Diane did a thorough interview at the outset and each session came with a thorough follow-up email.  She also sent me home with print-outs of the various techniques that had been instructed.  I make a point to mindfully check in with my lower back, and re-visit the yoga practice at least once a week.   To date, the lower back seems to be at peace and has been that way for several months.  I’m back to running, lifting weights and some high-intensity interval training.  She is a committed yoga therapist, fully informed about pain management and other aspects of self care.

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