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28 06, 2018

June 26 Restore – Sinking into the Quiet


Gary Kraftsow Presentation What a two week whirlwind I've had.  I started off at SYTAR (Symposium on Yoga Therapy and Research) in Reston, VA for 4 days followed by a short hiatus to Mt. Vernon and then onto Yogaville to assist my teacher, Nischala Joy Devi, with her Healing Relationship course. My experience [...]

June 26 Restore – Sinking into the Quiet2018-06-28T15:40:56+00:00
28 05, 2018

5-4-18 Inward Spirals


I don't think in my own case, there is a straight trajectory to becoming still. For me, it is a series of fits and starts and just as I think I got it, I don't have it. But each and every time that I touch the stillness (which I believe is my true essence, akin [...]

5-4-18 Inward Spirals2018-05-28T11:18:16+00:00
20 05, 2018

5-15-18 Coming Back


I have been practicing a meditation to release negative energies that have been part of this lifetime as well as other lifetimes.  The first few days of the meditation this week reminded me of the first few days of a detox (see a much earlier blog).  I was easily triggered, short of patience, forgetful, lost, [...]

5-15-18 Coming Back2018-05-20T20:48:39+00:00
13 05, 2018

Post Italy Update


Looking at my last post and realizing that over a full month has gone by.  Much has happened my friends in the past month.  The trip to Italy happened with the tune of "I want to go back" and happily Moyo and Kyra (our guides for the retreat) have booked it for 2020.  Much more [...]

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5 04, 2018

Italy Bound 4-3-18


I'm immersing myself in language comprehension, speed style.  With 3 days to go until my yoga retreat to Gubbio, Italy, I've got to work hard. But even if I don't know what I am saying or comprehend what is being said to me, I really like my attempts at the Italian accent. I think it [...]

Italy Bound 4-3-182018-04-05T19:23:32+00:00
31 03, 2018

Breath Practices for Easing Pain


I found this simple but effective method for using your breath to ease both chronic and acute pain. Just 4 things to remember.  Our habitual way of dealing with pain may be to tense up even further, or to absolutely ignore the sensations.  Our brain and our body are really intelligent and give us all [...]

Breath Practices for Easing Pain2018-03-31T10:44:14+00:00
22 03, 2018

Snow Drift 3-22-18


The first full day of spring, and we are almost knee deep in snow. How did you spend your snow day?   I frolicked with my dog and three other neighborhood dogs.  Pure joy!  I also watched two movies and spent as little of my time on my computer. I'll share with you [...]

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16 03, 2018

Inspiration from all corners of the universe 3-13-18


The universe is inspiring and conspiring.  A nexus is happening within me - of things coming together.  At the end of 2017, it seemed that my life was unraveling, changing at a violent speed.  I trudged on, the fighter that I am. But I knew that being strong was good in the short term but [...]

Inspiration from all corners of the universe 3-13-182018-03-16T10:20:26+00:00
7 03, 2018

Mother Nature’s Last Stand 3-6-18


I know that I won't be popular as I state this, but I love these last ditch efforts of Mother Nature to coat our world in white.  My view may be myopic as I enjoy the snow from my home and do not have to drive out in it.  My heart pours out to those [...]

Mother Nature’s Last Stand 3-6-182018-03-07T10:21:54+00:00