Alternate Nostril Breathing

7 03, 2018

Mother Nature’s Last Stand 3-6-18


I know that I won't be popular as I state this, but I love these last ditch efforts of Mother Nature to coat our world in white.  My view may be myopic as I enjoy the snow from my home and do not have to drive out in it.  My heart pours out to those [...]

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14 09, 2017

September 12


There are so many inspiring people out there and so many inspiring stories.  I was driving to my first yoga class this morning and thinking about all the other people driving to wherever they had to be.  Which got me to thinking that many of them are also going to their place of work.  And [...]

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12 05, 2017

May 9 Restore


It may not seem like a true May spring out there to us but my allergies know it.  The Alternate Nostril Breath can help clear out those nasal passages making the stuffies subside. And try adding this 5 minute meditation to your day to release the stagnant air and bring in fresh energy. Brought to [...]

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13 10, 2016

October 11 Restore


When life gives you lemons, make lemonade (various Carnegie, Hubbard, etc.)That is how I feel about my Daily Lessons in life.  And boy do I get them.  Not a day goes by that I don't learn something about myself.  It could be the smallest inkling of understanding that I will store away in my memory bank [...]

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14 06, 2016

June 14 Restore


This has been a pretty rough week thus far.  I don't need to rehash why.  But where does one turn when the world seems a pretty rotten place.  How do we heal ourselves and others?  First step is inward and then outward.Our approach to the inner realm must be slow, gentle and filled with compassion [...]

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25 03, 2016

March 22 Restore


 FLOWERS ARE BLOOMING EVERYWHERESpring transition means letting go of the old relationship, situation or event and making a new beginning. As spring leaves bud and flowers bloom, you, too, will find new energy to make a new beginning.Give yourself time alone. What do you need now? Think about what you want right now. What is waiting [...]

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21 01, 2016

January 19 Restore Series


Happy DanceLast week, I shared with you the beginning of my journey to becoming a Yoga Therapist.  I never really did explain what Yoga Therapy is.  I want to share with you an article that came out this week explaining the difference between a yoga class and yoga therapy under the auspices of a Gentle [...]

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22 05, 2015

May 19 Restore Series


FireEtherEarthWaterAirThe elements of nature.  Upon further study and contemplation, I found not only are all aspects of our life created from the basic material elements of the birth of our home, the earth but aspects of our own nature and mind are made up of the qualities of these natural elements.  These are called the [...]

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12 09, 2014

Sept. 9 Restore Series


Welcome back you, welcome back me.  What a summer it was!  A big bang with a memory making trip to Paris with the girls and then a very large reunion with my family at Disneyworld.  It started off with great fanfare and then smoothed out to a nice rhythm.  Now with the Fall season descending [...]

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27 02, 2014

Feb. 24 Restore Series


Sweetness in fur.  She's so Yang.This lovely girl joined our family last weekend as our latest foster pup.  We have been enjoying all things puppy like pulling shoes from her mouth, teaching her that hands are not food, and praising every end result from our daily walks (okay folks I am speaking of elimination!).  The [...]

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