Revolved Abdominal Twist

21 10, 2018

October 16 Restore


Restorative yoga facilitates the four conditions for relaxation: relaxing the muscles with support, quieting the responses caused by stress, quieting the mind, and finding a relaxed, smooth breath. Unlike sleep, where your mind and body are preoccupied with dreaming and tensing muscles, this style of yoga provides an opportunity to achieve all four of these [...]

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14 09, 2018

September 11 Restore – Remembrance


September 11, 2001 "We will not forget" but will we forgive?  I didn't lose anyone close to me in that horrible day and weeks, months afterward, so maybe it is easier for me to pose that question of forgiveness. The visit to Ground Zero was one of the most intense moments that I've had, as [...]

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16 03, 2018

Inspiration from all corners of the universe 3-13-18


The universe is inspiring and conspiring.  A nexus is happening within me - of things coming together.  At the end of 2017, it seemed that my life was unraveling, changing at a violent speed.  I trudged on, the fighter that I am. But I knew that being strong was good in the short term but [...]

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11 01, 2018

Hip Hip Hooray – Corporate America Enlightenment (1/11/18)


I know that for some this is old news (by 3 years almost) but it still heartens me that corporate America is seeing the light.  It may take, as in the case with Mark Bertolini, Aetna's CEO, an almost fatal ski accident, to make these valuable changes.  Or, we could possibly use these examples to [...]

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5 05, 2017

May 2 Restore


We used a technique called Nyasa or a slightly adapted version of it.  We called to mind areas of the body and brought forth light into these areas on the inhalation.  For example the toes became filled with golden light on the inhale.  Then on the exhale, we sent this light out into the universe. [...]

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7 10, 2016

October 4 Restore


Another beautiful Autumn day here in eastern Pennsylvania.  Our friends and family in the Florida, Carolinas and Georgia may be having a different and more challenging day.  Send your thoughts, light, and love their way as they brace for Hurricane Matthew and the aftermath. There are so many in this world to offer our love [...]

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1 05, 2016

April 26 Restore


Graduation Day - receiving my 500 hour certificateI felt so welcomed by everyone in the class on Tuesday. It certainly made my transition home much easier.  The two weeks of yoga therapy training were much more intense than I could have ever predicted. Our subject matter consisted of Yoga for Depression and Anxiety, Grief, Pain, [...]

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8 01, 2016

January 5 Restore Series


Homeward BoundI am here to tell you it feels so good to be back in the saddle again. To me, our class on Tuesday, felt like returning home.  I hope that you experienced the same thing whether this is your first restorative class or your 100th.  What we were coming back to was the reconnection [...]

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24 09, 2015

September 22 Restore Series


Cool Pic of Fallingwater in minature from Morris ArboretumPatience is not always my best virtue.  I have struggled with holding space for my life to unfold and sometimes wishing it would come faster aligning with my own agenda. I saw this in my previous life working in corporate where I felt that my life and [...]

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22 05, 2015

May 19 Restore Series


FireEtherEarthWaterAirThe elements of nature.  Upon further study and contemplation, I found not only are all aspects of our life created from the basic material elements of the birth of our home, the earth but aspects of our own nature and mind are made up of the qualities of these natural elements.  These are called the [...]

May 19 Restore Series2015-05-22T09:01:00-04:00
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