11 09, 2017

September 5


I am really out of the blogging habit after my summer hiatus.  It was a complete whirlwind of a summer beginning with four trips to some high altitude places - Chicago skyline, British Columbia, Colorado and Switzerland.  After almost two months of travel, I was ready to come home and find my roots.  My vegetable [...]

September 52017-12-30T13:03:42-05:00
1 05, 2016

April 26 Restore


Graduation Day - receiving my 500 hour certificateI felt so welcomed by everyone in the class on Tuesday. It certainly made my transition home much easier.  The two weeks of yoga therapy training were much more intense than I could have ever predicted. Our subject matter consisted of Yoga for Depression and Anxiety, Grief, Pain, [...]

April 26 Restore2016-05-01T18:52:00-04:00
3 09, 2015

September 1st Restore Series


Serenity amongst the ruinsBienvenidos to your place for healing, relaxation, and time for you.  It is so good to be back in the restorative frame of mind again.  TransitionsSo many transitions are taking place right now.  An end to summer with shorter days, a beginning to a new school year for some, new jobs, new [...]

September 1st Restore Series2015-09-03T12:37:00-04:00
8 01, 2015

January 6 Restore


It is beautiful how much life is filled with moments where we decide to act and then realize how those actions affect others.  This morning, I was on my way back home, when I spied a bird floundering in the road.  I kept driving but right away I knew that when I got home, I [...]

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9 05, 2014

May 6 Restore Series


Just when I think Spring has arrived, a wave of non-springlike weather arrives,  followed on its heels by a wave of summer/spring weather.  Do I mow, do I not mow, do I mulch, do I not mulch, do I plant those newborn vegetables, etc.?  Such decisions....  Really, it is not so bad and I go [...]

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9 01, 2014

January 7 Restore Series


Welcome to the New Year  2014.  I have always loved an even-numbered  year, embraced the 2's, the 4's, the 6's and so on of the various decades of my life.  But I didn't have the time of day for the uneven-numbered years.  It is just that I love things that are even keel; numbers, family, [...]

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18 09, 2013

Sept. 17 Restore Series


There may have been a little more of silent sighing out yesterday during class - a few of you falling deeper into relaxation, less holding yourself up, and perhaps more space to heal.  I feel grateful that each of you come back to your mat/bolster/blankets each week.  I grew up listening and watching to the [...]

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5 02, 2013

February 5 Restore Series


Welcome to and Welcome back to your place and space for Restorative Yoga.  Yes, indeed I took a hiatus.  It involved a very, very fun trip to the world's biggest playground, Disney World and to visit family.  I also needed a break from yoga, restorative and other practices, as I found that my teaching became [...]

February 5 Restore Series2013-02-05T17:45:00-05:00
9 02, 2012

February 7, 2012 Restore Series


Heavy white flakes fly by tickling my nose. What is this white stuff?  I was just outside soaking in the stillness of this afternoon storm.  Stillness within me and to my ears as the busy little whirling snowflakes make their hasty descent to the earth.There was an incredible group of students in yesterday's class.  We [...]

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8 06, 2011

June 7, 2011 Restorative Series


So glad that you could join us on this incredible journey of a restorative yoga practice.  I hope that your first class was one that sticks with you for awhile.  This is your site to find the poses from class, the breathwork, information on sankalpa and much more as we journey on.  Begin to incorporate [...]

June 7, 2011 Restorative Series2011-06-08T06:36:00-04:00
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