Savasana on Belly with Lumbar Support

21 04, 2017

April 18 Restore


Everywhere that I look is celebration.  Within our domestic household, we celebrated Easter and rebirth and then a few days later my youngest made her turn into a teenager.  Outside, I see all kinds of celebration with the very Irish green grass growing at an alarming rate and the nodding tulips hiding their true colors [...]

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26 05, 2016

May 24 Restore


My brain is fried. This blog post will be pictures taken in the past few months, that have inspired me.  Tapping into my inner photographer.Wildflowers of TexasThe BreathLions Breath (Simhasana)Sit comfortably either in Sukhasana (Easy Seat) or on your heels. Take a deep inhalation through the nose. Then simultaneously open your mouth wide and stretch your tongue [...]

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23 01, 2015

January 20 Restore Series


A Portal to Being PresentI have this crazy feeling of claustrophobia in my walk-in closet at home.  It matters not if I am alone or there is someone else in there with me, I still can feel it.  My forays into the closet have to happen quickly or a tightness begins around my throat.   Surprisingly, [...]

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19 06, 2014

June 10 & June 17 Restore Series


I am playing catch-up on the blog today as I combine our June 10th & June 17th classes in this blog.  Now you will have a full slate of poses, breath and inspiration.  Enjoy!  And as we wind down our Restore series until our return in September, I invite you to visit the blog for [...]

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28 11, 2012

November 21 & 27 Restore Series


Good Frosty afternoon all.  This week's blog is a combination of our practice from last week and this week.  Now you will have a multitude of poses to enjoy and relax with. The InspirationI have been playing this little game that I call "Pass It On".  It really is not a game but when I [...]

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