Sitali Breath

15 06, 2017

June 13 Restore


BIJAThe seed mantra These are powerful one-syllable mantras for calling forth what you want.  They are energy in their own right, in just repeating them.  They also may be easier to call up when you need a certain mantra in your life.Bijas can be chanted over and over again for 5-10 minutes. Try for 10 days [...]

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10 03, 2016

March 8 Restore


Battle RoyalToilet 1  Us  0This won't be a How To advice column because frankly, we don't know how to do anything with our own personal nemesis, the Throne.  This has been our home for 7 years and for 7 years we have had constant issues with our half bath toilet, from it constantly running, gaskets [...]

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5 02, 2015

February 3 Restore


5 Minutes of PeaceOur household has grown to two cats.  Oreo and Maxine have not been the best of friends since Oreo's arrival 3 weeks ago but we feel that even these 5 minutes of peaceful coexistence is enough.  Enough to actually feel that it will work out okay for all parties. Something else that [...]

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19 06, 2014

June 10 & June 17 Restore Series


I am playing catch-up on the blog today as I combine our June 10th & June 17th classes in this blog.  Now you will have a full slate of poses, breath and inspiration.  Enjoy!  And as we wind down our Restore series until our return in September, I invite you to visit the blog for [...]

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29 05, 2014

May 27 Restore Series


Lucky StatuesThis may be TMI or Too Much Information, but I have been a hot sweaty mess this late Spring.  News Flash, I am having Hot Flashes.  And besides the sub-zero temperatures that I crave, I need some more support for these waves of heat.  Announcing the Cooling Breaths of Sitali (or Sheetali) and Seetkari. [...]

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30 06, 2012

June 26 Restore Series


Welcome back to your place for restoration.  All I can think is what restorative poses will offer a "cooling" respite from this heat.  Try some heart openers like Supported Bridge, Reclined Bound Angle, and Mountain Brook.  And when you need to ground yourself after fireworks and your in a.c., stay for 5 to 10 minutes [...]

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