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28 09, 2017

September 26


Advice from Ellen DeGeneresBrought to You by TearsEllen stopped by today (via an article in the Good Housekeeping Magazine, September 2017) to share some of her lessons on kindness.  This is resonating with me this week as I think about ways to help others locally and far away.  In my yoga classes, I've been sharing [...]

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2 12, 2016

November 29 Restore


Versace's Golden Throne i.e. Comfort and EaseDeep Thoughts not Deep PocketsWithin the past two weeks, I have been a driven Christmas shopper.  I cringe as I think about my credit card bill at month's end. I have savings for but it still will be a jaw dropper.  As I have been gathering gifts for others [...]

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26 02, 2015

February 24 Restore Series


Whee feel the exhilaration!This week's blog is the traveling kind.  I am still reliving my recent trip to Pura Vida in Costa Rica. You may or may not be readying yourself for a late winter/early spring vacation but these tips are useful anytime of the year that you are traveling.  The first is a yoga [...]

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31 10, 2014

October 28 Restore Series


Ghouls and Girls ready for the Big NightHappy Hallow Eve all.  Today and tonight all sorts of creatures, big and small will roam our neighborhoods.  Are you ready?  There is a somewhat contained feeling of excitement here in my household. Ghosts and goblins hardly slept at all and I know that I woke up feeling [...]

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15 01, 2014

January 14 Restore Series


Rusty's New Beginnings - A Heart Widening StoryIt begins with big brown eyes filled with experiences untold, maybe some sad, maybe some joyful.  It doesn't matter to a dog even one without a home.  Gratitude shows in the wagging of his tail, the ears perking up, a head resting on your lap, and the shyest [...]

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25 04, 2013

April 23 Restore Series


Home Retreat complete with CatAhhh a home retreat - doesn't that sound like a little slice of heaven.  Is it possible in our busy everyday lives, to carve out some time for a retreat or even create a space?  I say "why not?".  Your family and friends will be so much better off.  Check out [...]

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