Alternate Nostril Breathing

17 01, 2019

January 15 Restore


The Kripalu Effect Cover your ears if you are sensitive to TMI, but there exists something called the "Kripalu Effect".  The first signs are eating way too much at their delicious and nutritious meals in their dining hall.  Then you begin to feel the bloated "I've eaten too many beans and veggies" feeling, which could [...]

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30 11, 2018

November 26 Restore


Happy Post-Thanksgiving to All, We've been blessed with this practice of restoratives offered up through many teachers and many traditions.  I am grateful for their teachings which they've shared over the years. Here is a smattering of those who've influenced me and my teachings. My students, my clients, Jillian Pransky, Judith Lassater, Sara Duke, Carmen [...]

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7 03, 2018

Mother Nature’s Last Stand 3-6-18


I know that I won't be popular as I state this, but I love these last ditch efforts of Mother Nature to coat our world in white.  My view may be myopic as I enjoy the snow from my home and do not have to drive out in it.  My heart pours out to those [...]

Mother Nature’s Last Stand 3-6-182018-03-07T10:21:54-05:00
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