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1 07, 2017

June 27 Restore


Backyard Barbeques, Burgers and BabiesCelebrating the Fourth of July with my extended family has always been about backyard barbeques, burgers and babies.  One of the aunts and uncles would host our rather large family, grill up some burgers and dogs, and the parade of babies would begin. We have a very prolific family.  Catching up [...]

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23 05, 2017

May 16 and 23 Restore


To Be AwakeThe following excerpts were taken from The Book of Awakening by Mark Nepo.  Enjoy!May 23 InspirationThere is always purpose in beingbut not always being in purposeHow easily we get caught up in defining who we are in relation to those around us. We first find ourselves alone in joy of what we're doing. [...]

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14 04, 2017

April 11 Restore


You will know the force when you are calm, at peace...The force is my ally and powerful ally it isLife creates it, makes it growIt's energy surrounds us and binds us...Luminous beings are we, not this crude matterEmpire Strikes BackAnd onto the Darth Vader Breath... The BreathUjjayi Breath - Victorious Breath to "Ham Sa"A breath [...]

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20 11, 2015

November 17 Restore Series


Here - PresentSo with the monks gone and the last bit of colorful sand swept up by the brooms and the creek's current, the studio seems a bit empty.  The whole idea of the mandala was about impermenance and non-attachment to things, people, ideas.  The dissolution ceremony was beautiful, moving and ended in a swirling [...]

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9 01, 2014

January 7 Restore Series


Welcome to the New Year  2014.  I have always loved an even-numbered  year, embraced the 2's, the 4's, the 6's and so on of the various decades of my life.  But I didn't have the time of day for the uneven-numbered years.  It is just that I love things that are even keel; numbers, family, [...]

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