Quite rapidly the weather has changed. Literally over night, the evening temperatures are down to the 40’s and our daytime highs are in the upper 50’s.  Time to break out the warm clothes and cuddle.  It is also time to practice being in the present moment.  We can dwell in the place of wanting the summer back which keeps us further away from inner peace and joy.  One thing that we can count on is change.  Seasons, jobs, politics, our bodies, our loved ones, and so much more never stay the same.  How we act and react to change is instrumental to our happiness. Can you name some of your possible reactions to changes in your life?  Once you have named them, begin to observe when they surface.  Identification is first then observation, then voila, a possible change to how you deal with change.

“You can change any aspect of your existence through any aspect of your existence”

– Neil Pearson

Metta Meditation

Practicing Loving Kindness is a Metta Meditation. Pick a time for you to repeat the following phrases out loud or silently to yourself.  Mornings are a great time to set the tone for the day or at bedtime, to reflect on your day and bring peace to your dreams.

The phrases are:

May you be happy and at ease

May you be safe and well

May you feel loving and loved

  • Think of a person you love and repeat the phrases with them in mind
  • Think of someone you appreciate but don’t know very well (someone you see at your local store, or in a class, etc.)
  • Think of a person that you find challenging
  • Offer this blessing to yourself


Fish Pose

Props: blankets or bolster, depending upon the amount of opening you desire. Neck roll, eye pillow.
Benefits:stretches the chest wall muscles, releases tightness in the shoulders and low back. Starts to balance nervous system.
Lay two blankets on top of each other or one bolster, add a blanket for sitting on when using the bolster. With bent legs, begin to lower yourself down on to the props while elongating the spine. Leg position can be bent as seen in photo or straight legs or even bound angle with soles of the feet together. Find a comfortable position for arms either by your side or in Goddess position. Adjust neck roll to blankets to support the cervical space.Modify as needed with a chair or in a straddle position.

Childs Pose

Props: bolster,  2-3 blankets, block

Benefits: Gently stretches the lower back, relieves shoulder tension and quiets the mind.  Give a sense of security. Feeling support and release.
Extras:sandbag for sacrum

Place bolster in front of you and a blanket on your lap with one end folded over. Before folding into the shape of childs pose, inhale to lengthen the spine. Rest your forehead on the bolster with space to breathe easily. Adjust blanket if it is too confining.  If you feel tension in the ankles or behind the knees, add another blanket.  Stay for up to 5 minutes. You may elevate the bolster by resting the bolster diagonally against a block. Arm rests on either side of the bolster are a nice addition.