I have read some poems in my classes about how slow, warm, and long summer can be where the world takes on a different beat, rhythm.  But for some reason this summer is different – the beat is faster more sporadic.  On a very apparent level, there is much evidence of transition in my own neighborhood.  Three families that we’ve known are moving out in the span of 3 weeks and three new families are moving in.  And I seem to be bothered by this, very ungrounded.

There also is the sense of time rushing by, as we hop from one family vacation to another.  I’ve taken more time off this summer than I have in summer’s past with the intention to regroup.  It has worked to some extent to give me some rest but I do feel this summer moving by faster.  I still have few more breaks planned so no need to rush in or through the spaces in between.  And those spaces between these planned breaks are just as important.

I realize that the above point is the same one I make in my yoga classes.  The transitions between poses are just as important as the poses themselves.  It is not in the doing but in the being that matters.  So during my full somewhat “normal” summer weeks, I need to be present and just be.  Be present with all the neighborhood changes, all the irregularities, and the time before and after my planned breaks and maybe, just maybe, this will be one summer that doesn’t rush by.

Thank you for hanging in to my morning download and enjoy your mid-summer, musings or whatnots.

Shanti, shanti, shanti……