I throw my hands up in the air, look up to the sky and ask “Why me?”.  Why is this stuff happening to me?  A boatload of problems this week, everyday a new one surfaces.  The onslaught feels like pelting rain.  It has been my experience that problems arise in threes.  The dryer goes, the water doesn’t run, the  lawnmower goes kaput.  Well this week proved me wrong.  Problems now arise in multiples of three.

So before you send me a pity party card, I want to come clean with the truth of the matter.  I haven’t felt any of the above lamentations this week and yes, it has been a troublesome week but a wise lady once said, “Life is happening for you not to you” (Ms. MindBody.com).  Once I processed each of these irksome situations, I gave each some space for thoughtful resolution.  I did allow a short time to let the situation to sink its talons into me and then I breathed.  I now have the space to face each head-on.

Trust that it will all work out, trust in the universe as a benevolent place.  This too takes practice and development.  It is not all bad even in a triple-threat kind of way.  How do you face it once it has processed through you?  Give yourself a few moments to journal about a recent problem that arose, your immediate reaction, and the longer term view that perhaps you took.

The Breath
Breath for Cleansing

The Poses
Reclined Goddess

Props: 2-4 blankets, neck roll, eye pillow, 1 cat
Benefits: opens the hips and groin facilitating blood and energy flow to the urinary tract and reproductive organs. Opens the chest and abdomen benefiting breathing problems. Shoulders release their tension. 

Stack 2-4 blankets lengthwise and sit at edge.  Rest upper body on blankets. Bring feet together and let the knees open to sides. Place more blankets or pillows under the knees. Open arms out to sides bringing them to 90 degree angle or less depending upon the openess of your shoulders.  When done, bring knees in and roll to right side, slowly sitting up. 

Sublime Side Lean

Props: bolster or 2 or 3 pillows or blankets
Benefits: Stretches the torso and provides a gentle twist which allows a release in tension in the lower back area.

Place bolster or the 2 or 3 blankets or pillows horizontally on your mat or floor. Lie on right side with hip at the base of the blankets or pillows.  Torso should rest on the stack.  Right arm rest on the floor with the palm up.  The left arm can reach over the head to increase the stretch.  Close your eyes and allow your body to relax and release any stress or tension. Slowly sit up and switch sides for the same amount of time.
Focus on your breath.  Breath into your right side allowing that gentle stretch to travel from the tip of your fingers down your lower spine.  Sense the left side of your body gently melting and surrendering to the ground beneath you.  All tension and stress being recycled by mother earth.  Sense the gentle letting go of your muscles and knowing that you are safe and supported.  Breath deep and exhale soft and long.

Reverse Savasana with Goddess Arms
Props: 2 blankets double-fold stacked end to end, towel
Benefits: Relieves stress in the back muscles, allows for a more secure feeling than in a basic savasana, replenishes the body with oxygen after practice, and quiets the mind.

Place two double-fold blankets side by side, stacked next to each other lengthwise. Lie down on your belly, as you turn your head to the right (place a towel where your head is).  Bend your right knee at a 90 degree angle and place on blankets.  Bring arms to goddess arms out to either side.  To stay warm and secure, cover yourself with a blanket before settling into the pose. Stay with the right side for 5 minutes and then gently switch to other side as you turn the left knee out and the head to the left.  This is an alternative to savasana with back on floor or a side-lying savasana.