See Jillian Pransky’s note from Facebook.  If any of my students or someone following this blog would like to add their two cents, please add a comment below or email me.  Namaste – Diane

Namaste Friends… I’ve am being interviewed by Prevention Magazine and have been asked to create two practices for them as well. But the real thing they are interested in – is the latest research with weight loss being linked to the more gentle practices including restorative. 

I know that I myself am about 10 pounds lighter not doing an 
over-effort-ing practice. They would like some testimonials from women / me who have lost weight or regulated their weight well when doing a gentle practice/ restorative practice.

Or a testimonial from someone new to yoga, and began with a gentle/restorative practice, and lost weight.

Comments? Testimonials? Do you have students with a ‘testimonial’.

Can you share…