How cozy are these trees, draped in their blanket of snow

A light snow falls this morning
Tiny angel flakes sliding in from the west
I’m leaping, crouching, dancing about
Trying to catch these little buggers

Neighbors see this madwoman out there
Dancing with the crystals
And think, “Aww to be free, to catch a
Nugget on my tongue or warm mittens”.

It’s lovely from the inside too.
It just requires a little more stillness
And quiet.

 – Diane

The Poses
Reverse Frog Pose on the Wall
(No photo)
Props: few blankets, neck roll, eye pillow
Benefits:hip opener, lengthens spine along its natural curves, rejuvenates legs, brings circulation back to the heart, mild energizer.
Place 1 or 2 blankets next to wall so that your pelvis and upper body are laying comfortable on the blankets.  Face the wall and bring the legs up the wall. Slide the feet down until knees are bent at 90 degrees (your pelvis may be a foot or so from the wall). Turn your toes out and rest your hands anywhere they are comfortable. Stay 5 to 10 minutes for full relaxation while energizing.

Side-lying Twist

Props: bolster, 3 blankets, 1 extra blanket for warmth and or laying on lower back to ground

Benefits: Gentle twist for the spine (quadratus lumborom) Releases stress on the back muscles and a stretch to the intercostal muscles. As muscles relax, breathing is enhanced.

Set one bolster lengthwise on your mat.  Depending upon your comfort, height can be elevated with blocks under bolster. Lay one blanket on top double-fold and one double-fold at end of bolster where your right hip will go. Sit next to bolster with your right hip touching it, bend knees, left or top ankle can lay in arch of right foot or other comfortable position for feet. For added comfort, place blanket between legs. Lengthen body over bolster, laying bent legs in one directions and upper body facing down on bolster. Arms drape down sides of the bolster.

Belly Down with Hip Opener

Props: 2 blankets, neck roll or small pillow for head
Benefits: gently opens hips, lengthens leg muscles and tops of the feet, soothing for the belly, shoulder opener, grounding, lessens anxiety

Stack one or two blankets to the side folded in half. As you release to the floor, lengthen the body and then bend the leg at 90 degree angles to lay on the blankets to the side. Arms can come to goddess position, head turned to the side or stack hands as a pillow.  For those with tight shoulders, extend arms by the sides of the body.  When you need to turn the head, do so with a soft inhalation.