I am honored to admit that the inspiration for our Restore class this week came from two of my favorite teachers.  I’m going to make it easy on me and add a YouTube video from Jillian Pransky, which was the first inspiration and information on where you can find the delightful Yoga Nidra by Jennifer Piercy, which inspired me as well.

Midweek yoga break! Jillian Pransky Yoga's short, restoring sequence will leave you feeling warm and light:

Posted by Yoga Journal on Wednesday, January 24, 2018

In this video, you will see the movements and the poses that we did in class.

I am sharing Jennifer’s introduction to Yoga Nidra as well as a practice with this link.  I highly highly recommend the free phone app. Insight Timer, where you can enjoy over 8,000 meditations daily.  Jennifer has added some of her recordings to the long list.